June 22, 2011

Things I Miss

Today, for lots of reasons, I really miss the following things:

(1) People who don't attempt to dump their workload off on me, b/c they're too freakin' lazy to do their own jobs.  Whatever happened to people who take pride in their jobs?

(2) My fish, Phinny.  He didn't poop on my brand new carpet and he didn't barf up big nasty furballs next to my bed, for me to step in at 5:13am as I got out of bed to start my day.

(3) Men who still understand the word "chivalry".

(4) Women who still understand what it means to be "ladylike".

(5) Those warm, wonderful nights of summer vacation during late June, the longest days of the year.  When I was 12, humidity didn't matter, my neighborhood was a safe place to play outside in my front yard with the neighborhood kids, and fire flies were simply magical. 

(6) Ice Cream trucks.

(7) Communities where ice cream trucks were happy, friendly entities.  You weren't terrified to let your children go outside to get to the truck; you weren't terrified the driver was a registered sex offender; a Popsicle did not cost $4 each, and the music announcing their arrival on your street wasn't creepy and weird.

(8) Family Dinners.  Maybe it's just b/c it's summer but I really miss my parents and my sisters during these months.  I miss family dinners, with my dad on my right side, his fork in his left hand under the table, ready to jab me if my elbows were on the table, or if he just wanted me to jump and squeak, making us all laugh.  I miss the leisurely conversations; how was your day, how is your friend so-and-so, what would you like to do this weekend?  Sometimes this mover and shaker thing in DC on my own, really blows.

(9) Saturday morning cartoons.  OK, maybe I don't miss the actual cartoons.  I DO miss, however, waking up early and being all excited to run downstairs with  my sisters and turn that TV on.  It was "our" time; we were allowed to sit there for 2 or 3 hours and just watch what we wanted, and I can remember being in our jammies and getting juice for us all (I was the oldest - I had responsibilities!).  We didn't have our own kids yet, bills to pay, life traumas to get through.

(10) My grandpa Bud.  I miss his french bread, lettuce and peanut butter sandwiches.  I know, I know, it sounds gross, but after big Sunday family dinners at his house, we'd always have bread and salad left over, and it was a BIG production to get on his lap or right next to him, and watch him put this delicacy together....  It was special time with grandpa, and the memory makes me so very happy and at the same time, so very sad......

(11) My big, beautiful dog Boo.  I rescued him from a shelter in Montana for my mom and dad, but he is for sure the family dog. He's 150 pounds, but the biggest softie-squish you'd ever meet.  His slurps on your face, and leans in to you when you pet him, and he lies on the Montana porch and just stares out over his domain, regal and elegant and stately.  At night, he never fails to come to your room and nudge you 'goodnight'.  He makes me feel happy and safe and loved....

You know, sometimes this being an adult thing - working, making it on my own, chin up, never waiver, never falter, blah blah blah?  It all sort of sucks.


FoggyDew said...

Have you ever heard the spoken word piece "One Moment" by Bobby Gaylor? One of the best descriptions of childhood summer...ever. Just last night I was sitting on my patio around 9ish looking at the sky as it faded to black thinking, "Now would be the perfect time to start a game of Kick the Can."

When it comes to ice cream trucks, I always think of the X-files episode with the creepy ice cream truck driver who was actually a conjoined twin. Just plain freaky.

Phnx65 said...

Just went and listened on YouTube... now I REALLY miss being 8! It was perfect - thank you!