October 29, 2012

Best Moments - So Far - Sandra Dee

I can't help it.  The name Sandy is just so lame.  I'd like to chat with the nerd who comes up with thesse names.  Sandy? Really? You couldn't do any better than that? Had you just come off a Grease marathon? What gives?  Here it is, this big, bad Frankenstorm, and we've named it Sandy.  All I can see is Olivia Newton John in her ponytale and sweater, wringing her hands and singing Hopelessly Devoted to You.  A song which, by the way, I hate.  My younger sister was obsessed with Sandy the way little girls today are obsessed with all the Disney princesses.  A total of 5 - count them - 5 years, that she dressed up like Sandy, had a Sandy barbie doll, wanted my other sister and I to be Danny, and 5 years where I heard that damn song enough times to make my ears bleed.

So yeah, weather guru DORKS who put in for the name Sandy?  You suck.

Best TV moment so far was a weatherman from the eastern shore of MD somewhere, who last night got hit in the face with flying seaweed and seafoam. It is entertaining enough to watch the guys who draw the short stick have to stand in this crap and report.  Jim Cantore as the exception, b/c he's just been hit in the head too many times with flying objects and now thinks this reporting is cool...  But the majority of these people are the "newbies"..... they stand there and they have to know people like me are laughing at them.  Anyway, weather boy gets whacked with seaweed and on camera, screeches like a girl and says "ewwww, what is this?"


Probably the most dumfounding moment so far, has been watching my neighbors.  Not the brightest bulbs on the tree.  Today the family next to me went out to climb into their blue minivan.  Somehow they set the alarm off. Bravo.  Then the car apparently wouldn't start.  By the way?  The alarm was STILL going off and they were trying to start the car.  No go.  So, for 2 hours, we had the alarm going off and in the rain and wind, I watched 4 adults try to jump start the car.  Their kids, who they did NOT put back inside but rather let run around in the weather, got to watch their plastic big wheel fly down the street and basically get tossed away with the wind.  So add crying to the alarm and the general mayhem.  Where is the Allstate Mayhem guy when I need him?

Update? Car never started. Alarm finally died when the battery apparently died. Blue minivan now beached out in the cul de sac.  I love Northern VA, really I do....

For now, I sit here waiting for the power to go out.  The wind is terrifying - I admit.  I have sat through a few of these before, but this one is just creepy.  Maybe it's the Halloween factor? Maybe it's that my HVAC is making a weird noise - but I don't currently have a system on...  possessed??  Who knows.  That eerie blowing noise can be heard, and with it now being dark, all I ccan see are the shadows of the trees outside - BIG trees, which I pray stay in the ground.  I am too vividly remembering the snow storm of Jan. 11 when a tree fell on my car, with me in it, and I was trapped for a bit.....

Maybe Danny Zuko (Sp?) should had taken Sandy out for you-know-what a little earlier, b/c then maybe this bitch wouldn't be so hormonal.

Way to go, Danny, way to go.

Stay safe people of the east coast.  Stay safe.

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