November 9, 2012

You Irritate...

You irritate me when you don't do your job.  I should not have to call your company FIVE times to get you to come to my house and fix something.  You irritate me when you show up, tell me it's this, or that, and I need new parts, only to come back the 5th time, CHANGE THE GD BATTERY IN THE THERMOSTAT and say "huh, whodda thunk it?" 

You irritate me when you gloat.  You irritate me more when you gloat over the fact that your candidate won, but when I ask you why you voted for him again, you say "because he's a black man and we need to represent."  Are you shitting me???  THAT is why you voted for him?  Forget irritation - this pisses me off me beyond words, because that makes you a racist, yet if I were to challenge you on that, I bet we'd end up with you telling ME that I'm the racist because I didn't vote for him "because" he's black.  How fucked up is that?

You irritate me when you sit in a 3-day training course, and interrupt the speakers with really stupid questions.  Can you not feel the glare of 47 other people on you? To some extent you were amusing, because you were obviously ignorant of just about everything, so your questions and comments about how smart you were, sort of backfired.  I'm not sure everyone else was amused, however, which made them cranky, and I had to sit with them.  So you were an irritating weenie.   To top it off, to interrupt on several occasions WHILE chewing food at the same time?  All time low, dumbass. 

You irritate me when the doctor tells you that you need surgery right away, but you're going to put it off two months and pull an entire passive/aggressive B.S. routine, citing that  you don't want to risk the wrath of your daughter, who will possibly moan and bitch that you don't show up for Xmas.  Never mind that you just spent $1K to fly out and spend 5 days with her in October.  Now we all have to deal with you whining and bitching and afraid to do anything the entire week we're all there, because something "might happen".

You irritate me when you cut me off in traffic without a blinker and without enough space to do so safely. You make me want to get out of the car and shoot you when I have the nerve to honk and you -while on the phone - flip me off.  I hope you get a disease and your little tiny dick falls off.

You irritate me when you say you'll call, and you don't.  Yet a week later, when you finally leave a message at a number where you KNOW I will not be, you have the nerve to huff and puff and bitch that I'm never around, and you tried, but it's getting old.  Really?  7pm on a Thursday and you think I'm at my desk??? 

You irritate me with your slacker behavior, your rudeness, your drama and your passive/aggressiveness.

You fucking irritate me.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! Especially the candidate part - I would say 50 percent of his vote was because he was black, 25 percent the hispanics (I suspect voter fraud on this one) for his lax immigration and the other 25 percent of people actually voting for him because they agree with what he is doing. Its also funny how so much shit hit the fan after the election - contractors laid off, General Petreus (hmmm shady much), gas went up a little - hell I'll blame Sandy on him too because everyone blamed Katrina on my boy W lol.

I feel as if you are my twin at times - you say the right stuff and have great opinions.